The Color of Music

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Turn on your favorite song. Close your eyes. What do you see? Or rather, what do you feel. Do you see a deep violet, maybe a sky blue or a dark green? Bold red?

When I listen to music. I feel colors. Not vividly, not something I can point to in the distance and say, “There. 4 feet away I see orange.” It doesn’t work like that. Rather, I feel the colors welling up inside of me, like a giddy laugh. They burst across my mind rather than my vision, and I don’t really see them until I ask myself, “What color is this music?”

  • Dark Blue when I listen to the March Slav.
  • A light violet color when I listen to the 1989 album (of course, only when my sister insists ;-)).
  • Reds and Yellows, mixed with images of Cleopatra when I listen to Bacchanale, Samson and Delilah Ballet.

You may think I have a terrible taste in music, but maybe I listen to music for different reasons than you do. If I don’t like the colors I see when I listen to a particular song, I don’t like the song. Rap music and I don’t get along. I see harsh yellows and blacks. “You see more than one kind of black? But black is black.” No, I feel different kinds of black. When one is dressed in an elegant black dress, it doesn’t feel the same as someone wearing black for a funeral, or to rob a bank. Likewise, I feel black differently. Sometimes elegant like the way Audrey Hepburn wears it, other times an angry, contagious black.

Maybe this is why I enjoy the violin so much, besides the buzzing feeling in my fingers and the emotions that well up when playing the right piece, maybe I enjoy the colors I create, knowing I might never do it with a paintbrush.

What do you see when you listen to music? Let me know in the comments!



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