Struggles With School, Truth, and Faith

Hey guys. I can't believe how long it's been, and I regret all the time that I was away. I've been so busy with school, staying up often past midnight to finish my work. I've finally had a break, and even though my grades aren't where I'd like them to be, I'm glad I can … Continue reading Struggles With School, Truth, and Faith


Update I Guess?

Since none of you have commented what you would like to see on my blog (please do, I want to make sure I'm tapping my entire audience!), I thought I'd do a quick life update, just to let you guys know I'm alive (I'm sure you were getting pretty worried) School: Going pretty well. A … Continue reading Update I Guess?

Opened a Twitter!

I opened a twitter for this blog! Basically just an extension of this blog. If you like relatable stuff, you'll love my twitter account. @didismagazine First 10 people to follow me will get a follow back!