[SPOILER ALERT]All the Bright Places: Why did Finch (well, you know)


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Eleanor Meets Violet meets The Fault in Our Stars meets 13 Reasons Why.

I’m not going to lie, this book didn’t make me cry. No book ever has. However, I did grow rather fond of Violet and Finch, and I got angry at Finch when I realized what he had done.

Why wasn’t Violet enough for him to stay? What about his family? After all, his mom does consider him the man of the house.

But as I was discussing the book with my friend, she told me that sometimes people are going through dark moments, except the moment goes on and on and on, and the only thing to do get rid of it is to end yourself.

Finch was fascinated with death from the very beginning. It’s how the book opens up. Like Romeo and Juliet, he kept moving back to the idea of self-annihilation. Throughout the book, he keeps stating facts and such, wondering what it would be like to end it. Then, when he finally discovers that he is bipolar, which suddenly explains everything, the different personalities, the Awake and the Asleep. He feels like he’s just a label, even though he stated in the book that he could care less about labels. The truth is, all of us care about labels, even Finch, even though that sounds completely out of his character. So he just decides to end it, despite the fact that he knows he is loved.

Or does he? Another argument that could be made was that he thought Violet didn’t love him after they had their fight on his birthday. He figured there was nothing else left.

Or maybe he was looking for an alternate universe. One where he isn’t sick or labeled. Just Finch. Hey, who are we to say he didn’t make it? Just because his body was left behind? If you haven’t read why I believe souls exist, you definitely should.

In the end, he killed himself and left those who loved him behind.

So if you are thinking about suicide, I just want you to know that you are so so loved. Just look at Finch. When we thought nobody loved him, the entire school came to mourn at his funeral, and wore black to school as well. Because if you leave this world, an impact will be made.

You matter.

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