How to Forget Your Shoes and Still Rock Your Day (A Firsthand Experience)

I don’t know if this is something people do often, but it’s a pretty funny story so I thought I should share.

This morning was supposed to go smoothly. I thought I had everything prepared. Contacts? Check. Make-up? Check. Breakfast? Check. I thought today was my day. The world was my oyster and all that.

When I got in the car this morning with the bag I thought had my shoes in it, the last thing I expected was for them to not be in there. When does that ever happen?

I was midway to school when I opened my bag and didn’t find my shoes. I don’t drive myself. My dad wasn’t about to turn around; we were only a few minutes away. I began to panic. Just before I thought I would break my record for highest blood pressure this early in the morning, I realized that I had two options. One, I could freak out and be embarrassed and stressed for eight hours straight, which wouldn’t fix the problem, and might create a health issue, or I could pretend I did it on purpose. What would happen if I chose the latter?

So I walked into school without shoes. I won’t say that everyone stopped and stared, but several people definitely noticed. I got some questions from friends and teachers. I just shrugged them off and told them vague answers about how I was going shoeless for a day, or how I let my sister borrow them and she never gave them back, or that I saw it in a magazine and I was positive it would catch on in a few months. I found myself enjoying the day as a time I knew I could look back and laugh.

Point being? Sometimes stuff happens. You can’t control it all. What you can control is how you react. I can look back on today with a smile and the satisfaction that I took advantage of the situation, and I had a pretty great day in the process.

So don’t let forgetting your shoes, metaphorically or literally, ruin your day. There’s always a way to make your day amazing, regardless of the circumstances you’re under.

Final words? Don’t let anything rock your socks (or shoes) off and prevent you from crushing the day.



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