What’s a Dream? What’s Reality?

This is an argument that can go in many different directions. We could go with the Inception route. But I’m trying to hit a note a lot of us can relate to more than Leonardo Dicaprio possibly being lost in a dream forever vs. finally being back to reality.

I’m talking about dreams for the future. Aspirations. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a tendency to talk about my future and not really act on it. I tend to do better when I don’t talk about my hopes, because that makes me confident that they will come true.

Even with a great worth ethic and killer proactiveness, you can’t guarantee that what you hope will come true will, in fact, come true. Which is super hard to accept sometimes.

I’ve realized that the only way to keep not only the dream, but the possibility of it coming true alive is to remind yourself constantly that you’re the only thing keeping it afloat. You can’t trust anyone else to do it. You have to carry the burden, the weight, the stress, of keeping it alive. But I find that if it’s something you really want to do, the weight is welcome.


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