{Spoiler Alert} Why Lord of Shadows’ Ending was Completely Pointless

Okay, so if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re either done with Cassandra Clare’s book Lord of Shadows (which came out May twenty-something), or you don’t mind the spoiler. Either way, you’re about to get an ear-full (or would it be an eye-full?)

I’m just going to say it. We all know what happened in the last few pages. Annabel Blackthorn killed my favorite character, Livvy Blackthorn (I realized later she was my favorite because she reminded me of myself). Those of us who have read her past books know Cassandra Clare’s style (those of us who have read her past books). She throws devastating curveballs, often leaving behind a trail of misery not just for the characters, but for the readers.

  • First of all, so much was already going wrong. The Cohort, representing all of society and history’s past bigots, was trying to implement something we know will go wrong. Magnus is dying. Emma and Julian will have to separate. Clare added to the misery, taking away any interest I had to continue this story.
  • By killing Livvy, Clare pierced a hole in Julian’s facade. The one where he could protect everyone in his family, no matter what the cost. Might I add that he was a strong contribution to Livvy dying in the first place, which brings about a terrible sense of irony. He asked for the longsword, Livvy’s only weapon. He let Annabel go in without Magnus, and promised what he couldn’t deliver. Like it or not, Livvy’s death would not have happened without Julian doing what he did.

Next, why Livvy’s death? Let’s pretend it didn’t happen. Would the ending still have been as  good (meaning, still devastating) ? Let’s take a look:

  • Magnus would have still been sick
  • Annabel would have still gotten away
  • Julian and Emma would still have to be separated
  • The Cohort would have leverage (with Annabel going psycho)

It wasn’t necessary for drama purposes. That was obviously covered. Killing Livvy was a cruel, cruel thing for Clare to do. I know what she’s done in the past (the characters she’s killed), but it’s all been justified. And I do understand that sometimes, characters just have to die. Sometimes happily ever afters just don’t cut it. But this was unneeded. Absolutely and completely unnecessary. Like I said before, Cassandra Clare has killed my will to continue on with the story. Hopefully this opinion will fade when the next book comes around, but probably not.




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