To All The Club Penguin Lovers… Behold… Club Penguin Rewritten

This may sound silly. Juvenile, even. But I miss Club Penguin. Not the game itself, but what the game brought about. In 3rd grade I used to sit in front of the computer for hours on end with one of my friends both on the phone in human form and on the computer in penguin form. It’s how I began and nourished my friendships. I had a membership for a month, and despaired when it was quickly taken away, leaving me with futile purchases. Ever since, every time my friend came over, we would log onto Club Penguin and find a way to continue the fun, the method of entertainment changing each time. From competing in the games to flirting at the Pizza Parlor, we could always find a way to have fun. When the game was shut down, we quickly turned to google to find a replacement. We tried everything: smeet, ourworld, you name it. It became exasperating. We would register our emails and create an account, only to grow dissatisfied with what the virtual world represented. And then, we found it.

Club Penguin Rewritten.

No, it’s not perfect yet. The connection isn’t amazing. But we’re talking about a world that isn’t just Club Penguin, it’s better. The membership is free. You can even register as an “agent” for the repairment program to go around and report problems with the server as you see them. Once the repairment program is terminated, so are all the agents. No, it’s not the same. But it’s pretty darn close.

Image result for bye club penguin


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