What do you want?

I mean it in the nicest way possible. Seriously, what are you guys looking for on my blog? I’m getting the impression most of you are following me for the book and movie reviews and analyses, but let me know if you want more!

Whether it’s my personal life, more about philosophy, music, poetry, sports, politics (although I have no political affiliations so I don’t know how that would work).

ANYTHING! I need feedback. Yes, this blog is for me, but it is also for you, my fellow readers. I want to get this growing; I want to change lives with my posts and I want to get people from all different backgrounds and perspectives to love my website. So after you comment with what you want to see, spread the word about this blog! Friends, family, goldfish even? should at least know about this blog, because it’s for them. For us. For you.

(P.S. Please leave comments. It would be so awkward if there weren’t any after all of that.)

I love you all! Thanks!!



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