How Great Was The Great Gatsby Novel?

Pretty great. I know I’m giving a lot of good ratings to a lot of books, but this one was seriously phenomenal.

I’ll list a few points to condense the awe I feel from this book.

  1. The imagery: incredible. Fitzgerald found a way to make me imagine the East Egg as the 16th century European (hence the east) town. I found a picture in my house that seems to perfectly depict how I viewed the east egg and much of the book, which is shown below.  As for Gatsby, Jordan Baker, Nick Harroway, and the West Egg, I imagined it more like the roaring 20s. Jordan with bright red lipstick, platinum blond hair and tan skin, like Merilyn Monroe. Gatsby with tan skin as well, like Leonardo Dicaprio (probably because I was thinking of the movie). Nick Harroway never actually formed an image in my mind, probably because I saw everything through his eyes since he was the narrator.
  2. The plot: It took a long, long, long time to pick up. The only reason I continued to read it is because it was like poetry, which I’ll cover next. However, when it did finally pick up, I couldn’t put it down. The irony of the situation would have been laughable if it wasn’t for the serious tone: both Daisy and Tom were unhappy in their marriage, and both had affairs.
  3. The Themes: Racism, Sexism, and the similarities between old money and new money. These were all themes I picked up on while reading this book. I know there were more, things I couldn’t have picked up on by myself. (I read this independently, not with my school.) The ones I spotted were easy to spot. Tom Buchanan displayed the first two really well, when he hit Mrs.Wilson, and spoke badly about interracial couples. He also said many times that he doesn’t believe women should be out and about: they should be “safe” and at home all the time. Both Daisy and Gatsby were shallow, resulting in them leaving the woman they accidently run over, proving that wealth can’t buy class.

There was far, far too much to cover in the novel. If you would like another post where I go deeper into the novel, please like and comment! I would definitely love to write more about my new favorite book.



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