Forever, Again Book Review (Hint: Never Again)

Never Again. This book had a good plot, it really did. I liked how it was a murder mystery because I haven’t read very many of those.

What I didn’t like (hated, in fact) was how poorly it was written. Terribly. The love interest was nowhere near swoon-worthy, and all the characters kept saying cringe-worthy things the entire book.Β 

And just a side note, I hate when authors try to relate to the young generation when they can’t. Their generation was just as powerful, and we would still read their books without,” and then I posted the selfie on Instagram.” or “tons of selfies from the first day of school uploaded on her Instagram.” Just stop! The classics are classics for a reasonnn!

I would give it a quick read, however, if you have nothing better to do. BUT DO NOT GET INFLUENCED BY AMBER GREELEY. She got accepted into a top notch school but refused to go unless her high school sweetheart went with her. Whether you’re a girl or guy, don’t let anything hinder you from being the best you can be and reaching your full potential. I see this happening in so many books over and over again, the girl or guy giving up something they’ve wanted forever just to make the other happy.




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