Hidden Figures Review

Authenticity: I loved it. I loved how authentic and relatable the characters were, and I loved how easy it was to see what it was like to be not only an african american, but an african american woman in a society where caucasian males were put on a pedestal.

Cinematic Perspective: The colors were gorgeous, and so were the frames (frames are when you pause the movie and whatever is showing is the frame). The only thing I didn’t like is the fact that they blurred it in some parts (you know, when they blur everything except what you are supposed to focus on? Except in this case, they blurred the people who were actually talking and the places I was focusing on, so I just got a headache towards the end.)

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Accuracy: I’m not a total expert, but I believe that it was quite accurate. People were rude to the three women, but they didn’t openly call them names in the workplace, which I believe to be more accurate than just screaming at them.

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P.S.: Loved how they added Alan Shepard, played by Glen Powell, to contrast the other caucasian males by making his character very respectful and treating everyone equally. Also, I loved how empowering the movie is! It was amazing what it could do for my spirits, it doesn’t matter who you are, this movie shows you that you can break any boundaries.

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