A Month Without Instagram: The Phases

Ever since I’ve gotten an instagram, I’ve been addicted. It’s funny how that happens. I waited a super long time before getting an instagram, afraid of the addiction that was certain. When I finally got one, I told myself I would only spend so much time on instagram to get 100 followers. That number grew to 200. Then 300. The truth is (and I’m going to say this very frankly) you don’t actually care about how many people are looking at your feed, and you shouldn’t care so deeply what’s going on in the lives of your three-hundred-something acquaintances. And the truth is, you probably don’t.

So if you’re sick like I was and need a break to find yourself or something like that, delete instagram for a month. Trust me, I don’t care who you are, a celebrity, a student, whatever, you need this. If you’re a spy and you need to check someone’s instagram that badly to save the world or something, you can always look on your laptop or redownload it before the month is over.

It won’t be easy. I’ve developed a list of the steps (and what I like to call withdrawal symptoms) of deleting social media for a month.

  1. 1-12 days: So called withdrawal symptoms. Trouble focusing, getting bored while reading or watching TV, feeling like there’s no point. Need to check notifications in case someone liked your picture or made a follow request. Maybe even cheating by going on computer. Feeling out of place and disorganized.Image result for stressed pic
  2. 13-29 days: You’ve forgotten about instagram at this point. Other people’s pictures feel distant and pointless, like they don’t relate to you in any way. No hustle to redownload instagram, content with life the way it is. You stop trying to make every event all about getting that perfect picture and more about having fun. Image result for happy
  3. 30th day: It’s time to redownload instagram, and you’re a little excited to see what you might have missed, though you don’t really care either way. You look at a few pictures before realizing you don’t care all that much, then turn off your phone.Image result for throwing phone

I understand you guys, it might be super hard. Maybe you think you don’t even need this. But I promise you that you do. Instagram in theory is a great way  to connect with friends, but it’s turned into an ugly addiction disguised as a tool. Maybe after you try out a month you’ll think I’m wrong. But that’s not very likely, because the world exist without social media just 10 years ago and we were perfectly fine. In fact, we were thriving. I encourage everyone to try this if you can.



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