Not Enough Time? Something I’ve Started To Do

On Monday night, my youth orchestra rehearsal ended at 9. Not really a surprise; it always ends at 9, but I just felt exhausted. I realized how much work I still had to do for school, and my dad told me not to worry, just go to bed, and he’ll wake me up at 5:30.

My first reaction was no. No way. I already get up early enough as it is, I’m not getting up at 5:30.

But I gave it a shot. I mean hey, what if it worked?

So the next morning, 5:30 sharp, I woke up. I brushed my teeth, threw on a sweatshirt, made some green tea, and got to work. And guess what? I was pretty productive.

It’s also a great feeling to know you’re up before your usual bedtime and doing just fine. And it gives you more time to get ready for school/work/ whatever you usually do.

So if you’re exhausted every night, and sick of not having enough time, try this hack. Also, doing stuff in the morning is a great way to stimulate your brain for maximum productivity during the day.

This tactic can work for anything you have always wanted to do but blamed it on time. Just go to bed a little earlier (if you can) and go run, or play guitar, or try interpretive dancing in the morning.

Who knows, you may find out you’re a morning person like me 🙂 (who knew, I always thought I was a mid-afternoon person)



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