A Love Letter to The Book…

hey guys!

so for our english class, we had to write a letter to the book that has impacted us the most. But not only a letter, a love letter. We’re reading Fahrenheit 451, and I guess because they burn books, we should remember why we love them.

It was kind of funny, because all these kids who haven’t read a book since elementary school read theirs, telling us in plenty of oxymorons (there’s a literary term for ya ;-)) that books are crucial to our existance.

I totally love books (why else would I have published so many posts about them?) and I hope those who haven’t read a book for ten years will start reading, because you can truly travel worlds when you read.

So Without Further adieu, here is my love letter:

Dear Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane,

My entire life I’ve been reading books. I loved all of them, no matter how absurd they could be. They are, after all, my memories. I’ve read so many books before and after reading you. I never gave you a second though. You were simply a summer reading book, and an easy one at that. You have only 210 pages, and quite a large font.

It’s only four years later when I picked you up off the very top shelf and brushed the dust off you that I realized how much you’ve impacted me.

Your tale is simple. A beautiful story filled will nostalgia. You started off with a china rabbit who didn’t love his owner. He then fell overboard on a ship, got rescued by a fisherman, travelled with hobos, loved a dying girl, danced on the streets of Memphis, had your head cracked and mended, and ended up back with the original owner’s daughter.

I won’t ever forget the conversation between the old doll and Edward. She says, “If you have no intention of loving or being loved, the whole journey is pointless.”

You reminded me about what’s important, that at the end of the day, all you really want is to be loved.





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