Chromebook Review: Pros Outrule Cons

Hi, you guys! This post is about Chromebooks.

So at my school, it’s required to bring your own device. People buy brand new mac books, telling themselves it’s an investment. Which it probably is, I have nothing against Apple. My family loved Steve Jobs.

But here’s the thing. Mac Books can cost around $3,000. Even windows machines can cost around $700. But in a school environment, the chances of something happening to your laptop are greater (not that anything’s happened to mine, but still).

So: Here are some pros and cons!


  • Chromebooks’ login is your Gmail account, and everything you do on your Chromebook is saved on cloud because you can only use google drive apps.
  • It takes MAX. 7 seconds to turn on after fully shutting down.
  • Apps are easier to access and simpler to use than other machines
  • Way, way cheaper. My first was $199, and it had everything I needed.
  • I can’t emphasize how simple it is: it’s so stress relieving and perfect
  • I really can’t emphasize how it’s simple in the best way possible


  • It doesn’t print (but you can just log in to Gmail on another laptop and print :easy-peasy)
  • No Google Earth
  • PEOPLE complain about it having no hard drive, but I’ve never needed it in three years

I really hope this was convincing enough: because I LOVE my Chromebook. Even my parents have been saying they might ditch their laptops for one. Mine is so gorgeous: it has a great retinal display, and a perfect sized screen. And because chrome is the only thing I can access, I don’t have to worry about the clutter of word, excel, firefox, safari, etc. crowding my laptop.

here’s the link to my Chromebook



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