Why People Think Classical Music and the People Who Listen to It Are Boring

Have you ever learned someone played a classical instrument and thought that person had no life? (I take that to offense; the only reason I’m typing so quickly right now is because I just practiced Mozart’s Divertimento : 1st Violin).

Or maybe listened to some classical music radio channel/ snooze fest, only to change the station to Q100 or Closer?

I’ve looked into this, and I realized why people think it’s so boring. The big-shot names in the classical world give classical music a bad, or extremely bland, reputation. I mean, I know Beethoven was deaf. I admire him, I really do. But that 5th Symphony, is extremely yawn inducing. Don’t get me wrong, the first 30 seconds are spectacular. But the fact that it lasts for 34 minutes, mostly the same stuff repeated over again, makes you want to bang your head into a wall 34 times.

And Mozart? He is so, so, so (SO) much fun to play, especially as a violinist. He’s just not as much fun to listen to.

The bright side? There’s another side to classical music. And it’s better than you can imagine.

Stay Tuned… because in my next few posts I’ll be enlightening your classical side ;-).

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