Lord of the Flies: The Good, The Bad

I really loved this book more than I thought I would. I had to read it for my literature class. Although it didn’t contain any of the romance that just completes books for me, and the kids weren’t my age, but the characters were relatable nonetheless.

Piggy was probably the most relatable, there are plenty of times where he just wants the approval of the coolest kid in school, or in this case, the coolest kid of the group stranded on the remote island without any certainty of rescue. Tomato- tomoto.

I also love allusions and symbolism, that whole shabam, so this book really satisfied that part of me. I loved how the characters clashed, and how it represented our society clashing in different ways.

When I think of LOTF, I always think of those cartoons you would find in your Sunday comics. You know, the ones that have characters saying something to each other wearing t-shirts that say what they represent, or pictures with the objects that represent a situation.

However, I do not agree with the author’s standpoint, which is that humans are born corrupt, and that we are a hopeless race. A lot of the times, authors write in convincing ways, and especially when they are famous, it’s easy to go under their influence. But we have to think for ourselves. I believe in humans as a whole. Just look at us today. Today is Martin Luther King Jr’s Day. Who would’ve thought 60 years ago we would have a day to honor the man who stood against the hatred against a skin color? Yet we do. We aren’t hopeless. We have come too far to ever believe we’re hopeless. This applies to every situation you can think of.

But I guess you have to think for yourself, don’t you?



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