Don’t Fear Embarrassment

Every person sucks at something. They hide it behind not venturing out, just sticking to what they’re good at. Let me tell you my story.

I tried out for basketball and volleyball and didn’t make it, after practicing the entire summer.

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I auditioned for the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra, knowing everyone would be 10x better than me. I remember walking out of the audition room almost in tears and seeing the next auditionee trying not to laugh.

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I remember going out for swim team and struggling to finish one lap. I asked the coach how many we would do a day and she said around 60. I left in the middle of the first practice, knowing it wasn’t for me.

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I came to the point where embarrassment was definitely something that would never stop me from doing something. This year I went to cross country knowing I was the worst runner, but forcing myself to go.

If you keep putting yourself out there, your ability to feel embarrassed starts to wane, and you gain control of the things that you truly want to do. Don’t get me wrong, I still get really embarrassed. But I learned to put that aside when I really want something. Plus, I learned what I had no interest in improving on and what I did. I auditioned for the Georgia Piedmont Youth Orchestra and made it. I worked hard in running, even though I still have a lot to improve on. In the long run, you would rather be embarrassed than regretful that you didn’t try.

However embarrassed you feel, no matter what it is, saying something strange that you regret, having a story revealed, or just plain messing up, you can always pick yourself up and learn a lesson, and even laugh about it. Sometimes if you just laugh at yourself, people will make less fun of you.

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