Happy Books: Why They’re Essential

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If you’ve read a few YA books, I bet most of them consisted of someone dying, or the world ending, or sad endings. Something of that sort, right?

So once you finish one book, do you just move on to the next sad book?

I read All the Bright Places right after Romeo and Juliet. I’ve read 13 Reasons Why. The list goes on.

I’ve learned that too much sad does one of two things. It either makes your whole being sad, or it makes you immune to sadness. Trust me, you don’t want either (even though the second one might sound tempting.).

So here’s a list of some books which may have the smallest bit of sadness, but not much compared to the smiling :-).

  1. Since You’ve Been Gone (Morgan Matson)
  2. Anna and the French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins)
  3. Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour (a little sadness but mostly happy moments) (Morgan Matson)
  4. Effortless With You (okay, this is a pretty shallow book compared to the literature out there these days, but it’s still a happy and good book! Read it between sad books. Whatever you do, DON’T READ THE SEQUEL. You have been warned) (Lizzy Charles)


Okay, there aren’t many happy books out there, so if you find one that’s not on the list, comment below to make others happy!

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