The March Slav

The March Slav: The most amazing piece of all time. The way it captures your attention in the beginning with a quiet soli from the cellos, then how the upper strings join in, and how it slowly builds up to being fast and loud; it’s amazing.

Not to mention how Tchaikovsky perfectly blends the winds with the orchestra, something that I can’t say happened in most of the pieces I’ve played.

It’s truly an amazing, amazing piece. Even if you’re not into classical music, you won’t regret listening to this piece from start to finish.


And while you’re at it, listen to Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto in D Major, which is hands down the most moving concerto I’ve ever heard. It actually brought me to tears several times. The first time I heard it was when a senior played it at my last middle school orchestra concert, and I just couldn’t stop listening to it.


You guys, I just love Tchaivoksy soooo much. He’s my favorite composer of all time and I encourage everyone, whether you listen to classical or not, to listen to him more often because he’s a game changer in the classical world.


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