The Existence of Souls

Hey guys! This is my very first blog post. I wanted to share the debate we had in Philosophy Club the other day, the existence of souls.

I strongly believe that souls exist. For a few reasons:

  1. Can you even fathom not existing, having no thoughts when you die? Like, you wouldn’t be stuck in darkness, because you wouldn’t exist. So you’re just… gone? What?
  2. The law of energy: Energy can’t be created or destroyed, just transferred. Someone’s energy isn’t destroyed when they die, it is just transferred to another place.
  3. Can you imagine someone, when they die, all their hopes, dreams, ambitions, their very personality, just gone, just like that?
  4. Why do we make music, and art, and literature, and movies?

I understand the counter-arguments though, and I have counterarguments for the counterarguments :):

  1. There’s no proof (but there’s no proof there isn’t one)
  2. It’s just because of the brain, and it’s complexity (our brain is so close to monkeys, yet they don’t understand emotions like we do)
  3. People make heartless decisions (in which case do they lose their soul? Does one only have a soul if their moral compass is aligned, and lose it once it loses its true north?)
  4.  The whole point of life is because you only live it once, so you should live it to the best of your ability. (so what’s living it the best? Because if it’s just to help others, then if you believe there is no soul then those people will cease to exist as well, and so on. What’s the point of making the world a better place if no one will remember it?)

I have always believed in the existence of souls. I feel like life loses its meaning without souls. Please comment if you believe differently, I would love to hear your opinion.


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