Cross Country: Easier Said Than Done

Hey guys.

So cross country. It’s just running, it’s not even a sport. It’s the easiest sport to get better at.

So. Not. True.

Before I did cross country, I honestly thought I was a marathon runner or something for running two miles a day every day. Cross country would be a breeze, right?


Cross country requires so much endurance for pain. Not only physical pain, but the worst kind of pain: the loss of your willpower.

Looking back, XC was actually really fun, and I loved my teammates. But I wasn’t the best at the sport, and I have a lot of room for improvement.

In better words: I love RUNNING, just not RACING.

If anyone has any tips for PRs, let me know (even though I have no views at the moment)

It would be super helpful.

P.S. : Let’s just end on a positive note. Running, in the long term, definitely helps mental endurance, and I’m looking forward to the point where it changes my mindset and life, and when I know I can push through any struggle.


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